Your success is our priority.

Dr. Taylor and her team at Taylor Professional Coaching, LLC work with individuals and institutions. Services can be adjusted based on the needs of the client and fees are based on the overall time commitment.

Our team welcomes introductory calls to discuss if TPC is the right fit for you. Please contact us to schedule your call today!


  • Assist with Development of Individual Development Plans
  • Assist with adjustments in Individual Development Plans
  • Advise on career development opportunities
  • Advise on next steps in career building
  • Assistance with identifying potential job placements
  • Review and/or edit CV and cover letter(s)
  • Review and/or edit job interview presentations
  • Review and advise on letters of offers
  • Help with job negotiations and start up package requests
  • Assistance with conceptualizing, building, reviewing, and/or editing grant applications
  • Develop career strategies, including research advice on mentorship
  • Support career development in all areas of academia (scholarship, service and/or practice)


  • Advise on integrating diversity into strategic plans
  • Advise on the establishment of diversity offices
  • Share best practices in hiring and programming
  • Assess faculty diversity needs within schools/departments and strategize to increase diversity
  • Assist faculty in developing a research agenda that integrates diversity and health equity 
  • Coach selected faculty on research, including manuscript editing, professional presentations, grant proposal development, and related activities aimed at increasing scholarly productivity
  • Visit the campus (videoconference if in-person not available) for one on one consultations
  • Provide on campus or online (zoom) lecture on building a successful career trajectory
  • Provide weekly consultation to faculty between the on-campus visit(s) by reviewing and providing feedback on documents submitted by the faculty
  • Advise leadership on strategies for increasing faculty diversity, health equity research and scholarly productivity
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